Employment Law Practice Areas

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Employment Attorney for Employees and Employers

Any individual, business or fraternal organization may at one time require the services of an experienced Tampa Employment Lawyer. The role of an Employment Lawyer requires knowledge in various aspects of Employment Law, Contract Law, Business Law and Litigation with the purpose of advising on matters such as employee termination, wage and overtime matters, employment discrimination and employer liability issues. In essence, the role of a Tampa Employment Attorney is diverse and encompassing.

Manufacturing and service companies can often find themselves in a dispute involving employer liability or negligence ( i.e. vicarious liability in case of any accidents or faults with the products, services or something that forces a lawsuit on the employer). In such a situation, the employer should seek the counsel of an experienced Tampa Employment Law Firm to determine whether there is a possible claim for damages in regard to said employer due to the negligence of the employee.

Another Employment Law matter that arises in today’s media world is that a business can suffer from negative press if an employee decides to file a complaint out of rage or grudge and make false claims. It is important to have the guidance of an Employment Law Firm to be available to review the facts involved. Such a claim can be for participating in unfair practices, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, religious or ethnic bias or disability issues.

An employee also in matters involving wrongful termination which affects his/her financial background or future scope of employment or damages their reputation can require the counsel of an Employment Attorney. Cases involving wrongful termination are best handled by an experienced Employment Litigation Attorney.

Breach of contract is another issue that often results in a dispute and requires the efforts of a Breach of Contract Attorney from an Employment Law Firm. A contract binds two or more parties with agreement on certain issues.

Where either party refuses to abide by alleged terms in the contract, the issue can be taken to court by the party who suffered the breach. An employee or employer that violates the terms of their employment contract ultimately has the matter settled through negotiation, mediation or court proceedings. At all points along the way, it is best to have the services of an experienced Employment Attorney by one’s side.

Businesses often outsource the legal services provided by an Employment Law Firm. It is often necessary to seek counsel in matters regarding various employee rights, possible employment litigation, labor issues and keeping up to date on the dynamic nature of the change in employment laws.

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